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Posted on Aug 30, 2014 in blog, web development tools | 0 comments

How to make a website – what software tools to use – FileZilla

TOOL 1 – FileZilla FREE FTP solution

If you are following our web development lessons (how to make a website) you probably know that in order for us to build our website we need to have first purchased our hosting ground, i.e. the place where we start building our website by installing our software (wordpress) and placing the various files that we need to use. And this place is going to be our hosting server. But how do we have access to our server?

Getting access to our hosting server

This can be done with a couple of ways, but you just need to remember the following:

a) Through a control panel (PLESK) that will be provided to us by our web hosting provider. Basically that means that we login to a website, and once logged in the appropriate interface will be available for us to use.

b) With the help of an FTP client, or in other words with the help of a software that will make a connection between our computer and the server (which is another computer probably located miles or thousands of miles away). Once connected we will be able to transfer the required files from one place to the other.

filezila when running

this is how FileZilla looks when running


So, today we are going to introduce you to FileZilla, a free FTP solution that is probably the most used FTP client worldwide. FileZilla is easy to install and even easier to operate. You can find it in the following link:

Once there you will be prompted with 2 choices:

a) Download FileZilla client
b) Download FileZilla server


You should select the “client” download button

Choose the first option (client). Why? Because you are interested in only transferring files from one host to the other (client does that), and not host files on your PC for FTP clients to send/retrieve (server does that). If you wish you can always learn more about the differences between clent and server at a later stage, bur right now you should remember only that you need to download the client version.

Once you download the file, double click on it and install it on your computer. Installing FileZilla is easy. Basically just say “yes” to all the dialog boxes you see. But make sure that you remember where the software is installed (at which directory). It’s always good to know where your files are.

filezila icon on your desktop

Once FileZilla is installed you should see an icon on your desktop

Once FileZilla is installed you will notice the relative FileZila icon on your desktop. Open it, and set up your first connection. Remember that you need to connect from place A to place B. Place A is your local hard disc. Place B is the remote server.

Setting up the connection

Select the FileZilla icon and double click it. The software will open.

Go to the top left corner of your screen and select “File” – “site manager”.

filezila instructions

select “File” – “site manager”

Then select “new site” and in the right hand window fill in the necessary information.

filezila instructions

select “new site”

But what information do you need to fill in?

  • Host: you can type 1) the number of the server IP address (example 1) or the name of the website (like:
  • Protocol: select “FTP – File Transfer Protocol”
  • Encryption: select “Use plain FTP”
  • Logon Type: select “Normal”
  • User: type the username that it was provided to you from your webhosting provider
  • Password: type the username that it was provided to you from your webhosting provider
  • Account: N/A – type nothing
  • Comments: you don’t have to type in there. Do it only if you want to keep information regarding the website (domain name) you are connecting to.

Example (1). Host info contains the server IP

When all information is filled in, press “Connect” and if all the information is really correct (you may have misspelled something) and the remote server is up ( sometimes servers go down due to technical problems or schedule maintenance) then you will be connected!

Once connected select the appropriate directories or files, and move them as you wish. Remember that it will take some practice before you are really familiar with this software, so when you start using it is better to work on files that are not important. But I am sure that you will be absolutely fine! If however you still need to learn more about FileZilla or you have any other internet related questions, please feel free to contact us!

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