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Internet Marketing

Why Internet Marketing Works

20 years ago Internet Marketing was not even a concept!

Only a few decades ago, the primary way that most people were able to have an income was through a normal job.
Each day they would have to get up and travel to the location of their employment, trade their valuable time for money, and then –after at least 8 hours of labor- come back at home waiting to do it all over again. Things were about to change though.

Internet Marketing arrives!

As soon as the Internet became popular and accessible for everyone, it began to transform the landscape of how people were able to generate money online. Now there was a new alternative. Instead of having to travel to a specific destination in order to work, many people learned how to use the Internet in order to make a part-time or full-time profit. The internet provided them with a great opportunity: the ability to connect to people, i.e. with the ability to connect to potential customers! So they took advantage of it, and soon they managed to replace their standard income -and provide themselves with a good living- by just using the Internet. The moment that the first product was sold on the internet, was the moment when Internet Marketing was born!

In this post we aim to present you with the very basic on Internet marketing and also show you how you can get involved with this very advanced and clever way to earn a living on the web.

internet marketing process

internet marketing process

Trust is Everything!

But 20 or even 10 years ago it was a whole different story… Internet Marketing is not what it used to be. It has come a long way since its early stages and a lot of that has to do with the increasing confidence of the public, of the people who are using it. You see, when people initially started surfing the web and looking at websites, everything was very poorly done. Pages were too slow to open, connections wouldn’t work, and most images looked terrible. Professionals that created websites were very new at doing so (you see, they were still developing the technology on website building), so everything was represented in a very simple way.

Luckily for us though, advanced programming languages and new tools in Web design and graphics have allowed us to move to the next level, and therefore permitted people to make a good living on the Internet. Why? Because the whole internet experience is way better nowadays and there is a huge industry behind it with companies providing almost everything! From web professional services (as website building or web hosting) to smart web applications and programs that are becoming part of our everyday life. People are now used to surf on the web, they know that they can find whatever they wish, they also know that they can safely put their credit card details on the net, and that leads them to buy products on a frequent and regular basis. For that reason Internet marketing has gone massive, since now anyone can sell his own goods or services (just have a look at ebay!), or can become an affiliate for someone else’s products and start earning a good living from it.

Sounds promissing but it’s not that simple…

Earning a living online, however, is not as easy as you may think. It requires you to have at least a basic knowledge of how Internet Marketing actually works. Obviously technical details are vital for your success (like the domain name that you use for your website!) but the most important is the strategy you are going to use. And the main strategy here has a name: communication!  You see, we could say that Internet Marketing is a lot like network marketing, as you need to be tapped into communities that can help you sell your goods. Of course, you can be an affiliate for almost any merchandise available on the web and use the name, the trust and the networking that these bigger companies have already established. But if you really want to be successful online, having your own product, and being able to promote it to thousands of other people on a steady basis, is truly the way to go!

You can become an affiliate or even better… you should sell your own product!

So the main thing you need to do when you start, is to set up your own product. This could be a regular report, a service that you may offer (e.g. SEO advice) or you could in fact have a physical product that you sell online. As soon as you have your product, you should communicate with all the right people and groups that are like-minded, i.e. people who are selling related products that are not competitive. If you do this you have a higher probability of generating sales on a recurring basis. Why? Simply because of this interconnectivity.

Networking is crucial in any area of enterprising, but when it comes to Internet marketing, it literally is the lifeblood of those that are trying to sell products and services and make money on the web.


If you need to remember something from this article, just keep this. Your main goal, if Internet Marketing is what you truly want to do, is to become an affiliate for goods and services that are trendy and highly popular. Alternatively you can build your own product or service that you can offer, and try to network with people online that can put you in touch with your potential buyers. By setting things up in this manner, you are weighing the chances in your favor of making money on a regular basis online.

Please stay around for more information on Internet Marketing. Our next post will follow soon, and it will be much more explanatory. This is just an introduction, but there is much more to come!