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Posted on Sep 13, 2014 in blog, how to make a website, web development for beginners | 0 comments

How to create a website – the basic steps.

Building a website – from A to Z

Learn about the basic stages of the procedure that you need to follow so you can create a website. Once you understand what you got to do, is easier to implement it.

Step 1. Choose and obtain your domain name. A good website has a great domain name! Select a name that best suits your individual needs.

Step 2. Get yourself a web hosting package. You need a space on a server to build your website. Select the best web hosting provider for your website by using our list.

Step 3. Make sure that the DNS settings are correct. Once you have your web hosting package, your web hosting company will provide you with information regarding the servers on which your website will be hosted. You need to pass that information to your domain registrar. We will show you how to do this.

Step 4. Install wordpress. WordPress is a most used CMS in the world. When you install it, you are actually transferring on your server all the required files that will enable you to create your website. Once installed, you have already achieved 50% of your task. Why? Because you have a website! If you type your domain name in a browser (e.g. chrome) your website will appear. It may be ugly and have no content at all, but it’s still a website…

Step 5. Select a template (or theme). Your website needs to have a design that reflects your specific needs. Choose one from the vast selection of free themes that are available on the internet. For a small fee (usually around $50) you can also buy a template and get that extra support you find on purchased themes ( examples: around $58 per theme from Envato Market, or a selection of 87 themes from Elegan Themes for only $69 all together!)

create a website by selecting a theme from elagant thems

How are you going to create a website without a theme? You will have to use your imagination and your artistic abailities with this one…

Step 6. Decide how you are going to lay out your content. How many menus are you going to have? How many items per menu? Are you going to use a sidebar? Are you going to have a blog? Should you use an image slider on the first page? You got to take some serious decisions here. But don’t worry. WordPress is so easy to work with that if you change your mind, you can change everything later! But honestly think about it, because no one likes doing the same job twice! And it could be loads of work involved…

Step 7. Start adding your content. You can do that by adding your pages and your posts. This is the stage where you also select the images that you want to post together with your content.

Step 8. Install the necessary plugins. Plugins are pieces of code that do a certain job. You can easily install them or uninstall them. Obviously each time we use the plugins that are suitable for the specific task that we need to accomplish. We will teach you what plugins you usually need and how to work with them.

Step 9. Apply SEO techniques on your website. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In plain words, it’s the selection of actions that you need to apply to your website if you wish users to be able to find you in Google, Yahoo, etc. Because what’s the point of having a website if nobody can find you?

Step 10. Connect your website with the Social Media. Each time you build a website you show something to the world. Since your goal is to get traffic for your website, connecting to all suitable Social Media (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, etc) is a must!

On top of that: you should get yourself familiar with some basic software tools that will enable you to perform your tasks better.

Can I create a website faster or easier than that?

create a website but don't get bored!

If you think that what you just read is boring, then probably these lessons are not for you! Don’t get involved with something you don’t enjoy doing!

That’s it! Those are the basic steps that we need to follow in order to create a website. It’s nothing difficult or complicated about it. But you may argue, there must be an easier way…

Well, I know that technology has progressed so far that there are much easier ways to create a website, I mean there are places on the internet that enable you to have your own website by just clicking a couple of buttons! But this is for people who don’t want to get involved with technology and just wish to get their website hassle free! Which is absolutely fine if that’s what you want…

So the question here really is “do you want to have a website or do you want to know how to create a website?” If your answer is “I just want to have a website”, then these lessons are probably boring and definatelly not for you.

If however you want to really understand how to build a website, if you desire to get a deeper knowledge and act as a web developer, then this is the right website for you and the above 10 steps are the stages that you need to master.