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About webfoxes

webfoxes: the ultimate web development guide that will help you build your own website and start making money online.

knowledge should be spread and be available to everyone

Webfoxes is a site that aims to cover some very specific areas regarding the internet business. In more detail we aim to…

1) Provide you with valuable and simple to use information with relation to web development using the wordpress platform. We will provide you with easy to follow lessons. Our target is that after a while you will know how to make a website!

We will assume that you currently know absolutely nothing about websites or technology whatsoever. We will teach you everything in a few easy steps. Webfoxes has just started with this, but we do hope that after a while we can be of real value to anyone who is looking for a helpful and complete beginner’s web development guide! ( status: started )

2) Make the business owners aware about the cost of a proper website. Nobody can tell you how much your website will cost until you inform them in detail about your specific requirements. If somebody offers to give you a quote before you tell him what you need, you should be very skeptical. So we are not going to attempt something like that here. But we will give you examples of websites and inform you about their cost so you can get a fairly good idea about how much money it should cost you once you decide to hire someone for your website’s development. ( status: not started yet )

3) Provide you with REAL and USEFUL information regarding the very best of web hosting available on the market today. We will compare various web hosting companies and we will present you with the results. You need to host your website with the very best! ( status: started )

4) Make you aware of all the current offers that are available on the web market ( web hosting, web design, templates, domain names etc ). Why pay more when you can pay less? ( status: started )

5) Inform you about various ways / possibilities to make money online. Once you have your website you can use it to make money online. We will tell you what you can do, and what you shouldn’t do. Fortunately for you, we have learned from our mistakes…  ( status: started )

Learn from the best and then spread the knowledge…

And speaking about making money online, yes, webfoxes is making money by referring our audience to products and services that we promote, but this is not the main reason we started this website and we do hope in future to become much more than just another affiliate site.

For a start behind webfoxes is a team of experienced web developers. Web developing is what we do for living, and we are very fortunate, because we love what we do. But it wasn’t always like that! You see, when we first started we didn’t experience the same happiness we enjoy now. At least not all of us…

Some of us had problems acquiring all the required knowledge. We read articles that were too difficult to understand, we followed instructions that lead to disaster, we had to read for hours to find out why our screen was completely blank, we had to call people we didn’t know and “ask for a favor” i.e. ask the guy if he can have a look into our website and find out what is wrong with it… Through our journey to knowledge, we came across some very helpful and some very unhelpful people. We truly thank the first, we hope that the others may learn someday that knowledge should be spread and be available to everyone. FREE! For Ever! Without 7 or 30 days trials….

In this website we hope to gather all the required information in relation to web development and internet marketing and make it available to anyone who is looking for it. We wish that this website will help people to learn, and save them valuable time and money.

Last but not least, we also hope to offer our services to anyone who wishes to hire us for his website development.

Thank you for visiting,

The webfoxes development team